Home Extensions - designed, engineered, manufactured
and installed in a modern way

Disruptive home extending without the disruption. Shipping on average 18 (pre engineered structural) large pieces to your property for assembly and erection as opposed to conventional building bringing anywhere from 5,000 small ones. (Simultaneous) off-site component manufacture as opposed to on-site (linear) construction. Browse our four distinctive kitchen extension ranges, all available in the Modern Extension Pre Engineered Off Site system, fully building regulation compliant to meet the most up-to-date standards.

Simultaneous off-site component manufacture as opposed to dated, time consuming, family disrupting on-site linear manufacture and construction.

Residential Home Extending for the 2020s

With the fusion of the latest cloud-based edge technologies, both hard and soft, seamlessly merging the digital and physical, transforming traditional workspace norms. Click our animated explainer and discover a whole new way to extend your home.
"Working with Modern Extension made me realise that the future is already here, it just isn’tevenly distributed"

We know a thing or two about home extending

So much so we have written an app, but not just any app – a seductively simple immersive one, capable of generating over 13,000 relevant contemporary designs to the pre-existing layouts of the Irish & UK housing markets, not just in 2D or 3D/AR app but in holographic, truly immersive MR. Modern Extension has teamed up with some of the most talented MR app developers in the country. The Modern Extension factory app powered in the field by the cloud is a sector first and is a fine example of how edge-based cloud computing is set to transform home extending design and delivery Click the link and discover a whole new way to interact with CAD – Computer Aided Design

A more cost effective and cohesive system than engaging an architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and builder separately, digitising our projects allows for seamless off-site collaboration and quick decision making, with a network of previous similar projects already digitised for cross-referencing removing the traditional physical fragmentation between off-site design professionals and onsite trade professionals.

The Modern Extension - Technical, Engineering &
Manufacturing Specifications

Strength – Heat – Durability

The very latest in twin leaf wall engineering with up to 150mm clear insulated cavity encompassing the entire structural envelope ensuring no cold bridging from inner to outer wall leaf, coupled with the strength of a pre-engineered steel reinforced mass concrete mould, all bolted to a pre-engineered steel super structure. There simply is no on-site construction system within the residential construction sector that comes close to it.

Soft Design Suite

Prior to project commencement, design plans with internal layouts regarding mechanical, electrical, stud partitions, w/c utility and kitchen. External elevations side and rear, roofing options developed flat, pitched or combination with square metre to floor area lighting ratios. On-site drainage surveys producing effective drainage plans for the management of foul, sewer and surface water management.

Hard Design

On-site survey and data capture exported into AutoCAD/Tekia for advanced 3D structural modelling, allowing for all structural components to be ordered and manufactured from within the CAD file with digitised tolerances built in from design stage ensuring the tightest possible fit for windows and doors. and all other structural constituent parts.

Steel Based Super Structures

That push span and glazing boundaries, all designed, engineered, signed-off and fabricated prior to project commencement and not halfway through the project as is traditional linear building norms, eliminating persistent long frustrating delays with no on-site forward progress conforming with steel structural requirements.

Structural Kit

Builders - Boost your Productivity - we supply and erect structural kits to the trade. We also cater for the self-build trade with full consultancy services on (all) aspects of your project - with remote assist, diagrams, drawings, engineering, building regulations, advice, problem solving - sent straight to your phone, in the field, in real time. Safe in the knowledge that a professional is always on hand as you meet and overcome the many daily challenges your project will undoubtedly present.

Our engineering and manufacturing is well suited to pre-existing timber frame house construction.

Genuine discount invoicing applied to all finishing specs regarding flooring, tiling, doorsets, sanitary wear,kitchens from leading suppliers in the sector.Our engineering and manufacturing is well suited to pre-existing timber frame house construction.

It’s all in the engineering, one of our suppliers Sky Frame.

A view not a window

A roof that floats

A corner without a corner

A floor to ceiling glass wall that slides


A challenge to fundamentally reorganise the traditional business model to one that is forward looking and sustainable.

We can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet. A carbon neutral commitment by 2030 to include all factory processes and procedures extending to the electrification of our transport fleet.

We are all aware of the now cascading problems the environment faces. We at Modern Extension believe businesses must face up to the challenges as the innovators and wealth creators of the defining problem of our age – we broke it, we own it. That is why we are launching The Taking Pledge! of all fossil fuel burning from our entire manufacturing and distribution chain.

With all structural components pre designed, ordered and manufactured prior to project commencement, i.e. steel, walls, roof, windows and doors, roof lights and only being shipped once to tie in with the on-site groundcrew, the carbon footprint is massively reduced with most of the noise and heavy construction work happening atthe factory and not back and forth to your home.

It came in pieces, big pieces!

A Dublin Home Extension, Flat packed!

Ireland’s latest fully engineered off-site home extension

Homeowner, Conor Walsh shares his experiences with Modern Extension. Working with Modern Extension made me realise that the future is already here, it just isn’t evenly distributed or dispersed yet.
I went to work on the morning of site assembly and when I came home there was an extension there, all structurally sealed. This is the future of home extending.
From a homeowner/occupier perspective, it’s a no brainer but not withstanding the obvious benefits of the delivery method, it’s what happened before all that that is even more impressive
Modern Extension’s 3D structural modelling software is next level. Iunderstood and could visually see every structural element of the project before it had even started.
Then when they scanned the house and superimposed the new extension onto the back of my house, I was just blown away
I had spoken to a few builders about the project before coming across Modern Extension work online.
Let’s just say their quotation and figure arrival system left a lot to be desired. In many cases, it seemed like figures were just plucked out of the sky with very little in the way of schedule of works to be done if you manage to get a quote at all.
Modern Extension had the most detailed quote/specification sheet I have seen in any sector, all laid out clearly and easy to understand figure arrival and all works to be carried out in a fantastic format given the nature and complexity of the subject matter, all done within 24 hours and his system of sending the embedded secure link to the animated explainer on his innovative process really helped me to understand his process and having watched it, why it makes perfect sense to send it in the manner he does

Love the extension, not so keen on the process

Extending your home shouldn’t mean turning it into an open ended disordered building site for months on end for lack of joined up thinking, perpetuated by the intellectual glass ceiling imposed on the sector. The advancement of commonplace technologies has made the long prevailing system look very outdated, whose time has possibly come and gone. It could be argued to build anything of any significance in the 2020s is a failure of joined up modern technological planning.

Don't bring this to your property. The traditional build method is overly expensive, inefficient and outdated
A structurally far superior home extension than if fully built on-site. Our pieces are bigger, stronger and regulated from within a closed loop, farm-to-fork style process, eliminating much of the wet trades through your house and much of the fragmented traditional process.

Partners and Certifiers

Dublin & London

With our manufacturing facility based in Dublin and design suites in both capitals - Dublin just off the M50, Surrey just off the M25 - we are well positioned to meet our customers needs on both sides of the Irish Sea
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Swipe & see
Coming soon over 13,000 structural
permutations in your pocket

Currently under development - Coming May 2022

Swipe & see
Coming soon over 13,000 structural
permutations in your pocket

Currently under development - Coming May 2022